How to Get a Job at an Insurance Company? Requirements and More!

If you are new to the insurance world and want to open an independent insurance agency this might be just the place for you. Here in this article, you’ll learn about as an independent insurance agent, you can start your agency. Moreover, it tells you how to get a job at an insurance company as well.

You can take a few shortcuts to kickstart your agency along with your hard work and efforts that will help you in the long run.

How to get a job at an insurance company? 

The demand for an independent insurance agent is very high in the current days. Independent insurance agents sell multiple insurances such as life, health, auto, liability, and property & casualty. As opposed to captive agents, independents agents are not bound to a single insurance carrier. Like an independent insurance brokerage, independent agencies enjoy more freedom in every sense.


According to The Balance, more than 7100 independent agents are selling insurance on behalf of different carriers. Compared to captive agents, clients prefer advice more from independent agents as they have a wide range of policies to offer for clients. It comes out as confident and relying. Hence, learn how to become an independent insurance agent and grow your professional career.

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How do you start an independent insurance agency? 

Starting an independent insurance agency is an exciting process but you have to know about the process to ensure that you succeed. To start an independent insurance agency, agents can go through these easy options:

Purchase a book of business to start an Independent Insurance Agency 

Agents can buy a book of business from already existing insurance. However, this process could cost $250,000 to $500,000, or higher depending on how profitable it is.

Become an independent agent through an Insurance Agency Model 

You can explore two options for these agency models, Franchise Model and Insurance FMO Model

A franchise will allow you to own an insurance business. The agencies provide the operational assistance agents need, along with access to insurance carriers. Furthermore, your agency will be associated with a reputed brand that can help your agency. However, this model does not give the agents much room to grow due to the non-compete clause.

The second option is the FMO model. The FMO model gives similar services that a  franchise model provides as well as splitting the commission with their agents. On average, the commission split is 70/30. Therefore, independent insurance agency in Texas looks forward to associating with this model as this model is rising in popularity and showing better results. Finally, if you want to know how much does an entry level insurance agent makes, then, you can read more.

Starting your independent agency is like embarking on a fruitful journey. It has its own challenges and within those challenges also hide the possibilities. Finally, if you want to read more insurance content on cybersecurity insurance and insurance agent brokerage firm, keep connecting with our blogs.

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